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Status of missing stories?

I really didn't want to have to do this, but it appears I've been left no choice.

I have sent 2 PMs to preromantics [3 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago, respectively] and also sent an email to the "official" email addy for the challenge a week ago, but have received no responses whatsoever.

Perhaps someone here will be able to answer my question, or at least make an attempt at resolving this issue for me.

Below is what I asked in all three of my previous attempts to get an answer.

Just checking to see what the status is on the remaining stories that haven't been posted for the challenge.

I worked really hard on my story and was hoping to get one in return, but apparently the author that got me for an assignment has chosen not to post a story for whatever reasons.

Are there any plans for pinch hitters? Of do I chalk this up to yet another challenge where I do what I'm supposed to and get nothing in return?

I don't mean to sound bitchy, but this has happened to me a few too many times for me to just take it in stride any longer.

Any information would be greatly appreciated...

Again, if something IRL has happened for the author that got me as an assignment, something that is out of their control, I can completely understand that, but a head's up would be nice. If it's "simply" a matter of said author dropping out, what is the status, if any, of the pinch hit? We're at nearly a month after the challenge was supposed to end, and there are like 11 people who haven't posted their stories yet. So does that mean that 11 of us just don't get anything at all?

If the end result is a case of "Too bad, sucks to be you for not getting a story", just please say something to that effect, so I can stop hoping I'll actually get what I signed up for.


I don't get PM alerts anymore and my message count is usually so high I don't notice it change for specific reasons, so sorry I missed those. As for the NPM official email, I took it off my phone updates at the end of the posting schedule. Though I did reach out for pinch-hits, it's not something that can always be fulfilled. If we share any fandoms in common I'd be happy to it myself if you're really that upset over it. Sorry for both this exchange and also for your bad luck in previous exchanges, I've had similar experiences, and in smaller multi-fandom exchanges it can be particularly hard to match people to begin with, let alone at the last hour, so!

Re: the PMs/email situation, it might have been nice to know HOW to get in touch with you for issues such as this post-challenge, so perhaps something could have been done sooner. My question is if all of the people on the posting schedule turned their stories in to you on time, does that mean that the author who got me never turned anything in and I was never destined to get a story from the get-go?

My suggestion for future rounds, if you do them, is not do to this as an exchange unless you'll be able to guarantee that everyone will get a story when they write one. It's really not fair to advertise that everyone will get a story, then not follow through on that. I may be the only person who has brought it up, but I'm sure there are others who probably aren't happy that they didn't get a story either.

if you're really that upset over it.

I would think that my repeated attempts over the last month to get an answer would make it obvious that I am upset over it and that, yes, I want a story. I feel cheated and I want what I signed up for.
As it has been over two weeks since my last comment here, and I haven't received any indication that the offer of a pinch hit will be honored, I will have to wash my hands of this situation and chalk it up to another exchange not working in my favor.

I will say once again that I thoroughly enjoyed the premise of the exchange and loved the story that I wrote for my recipient. I am also quite pleased that my recipient enjoyed what I wrote for her.

Unfortunately, through whatever bumps in the road that caused the lack of communication, this exchange has left a bad taste in my mouth and I will probably not be participating again, nor will any of my writer friends that I may have otherwise pimped it out to for future rounds.

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